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Memorable trees of Frenštát and Nový Jičín Districts

Field Maple in Kojetín

Basic Information

Field maple (Acer campestre) is growing at the right side of the road from Nový Jičín to Kojetín. It is one of the oldest field maples in the Northern Moravia. The tree was declared memorable in the year 1980. Its trunk is 340 cm, its high is 16 m. It is estimated to be 300 years old.

Javor babyka v Kojetíně

Points of interest

A field maple is a thermophilic tree or a bush reaching up to 20 m high. It grows in valleys as well as hilly areas. Its wood is the hardest one of all the maples growing in our lands. Wind instruments, pipes and sticks are made out of it. Some field maples create corky bark on their tree rings (similarly to spindles or elm trees) which thanks to their bad taste protect the tree from browsing.

Javor babyka list

Javor babyka v Kojetíně

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 34.040', E 17° 59.638'