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Memorable trees of Frenštát and Nový Jičín Districts

Lime tree of Kristián David

Basic information

There is a small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) growing on the outskirts of Libotín forest in Ženklava village. The lime tree was declared memorable in the year 2007. Its trunk perimeter reaches 515 cm, its height is 20 m. The lime was called after a native and a missionary Kristián David of Ženklava.

Lípa Kristiána Davida

Things to note

The most renowned native of Ženklava, Kristián David, was born in a Catholic family in 1692. He was apprenticed to carpenter in Živonice where he became interested in Protestantantism. He was helping to lead persecuted members of Bohemian Brethren to Saxony and spread protestant books. Together with his cousins, the Stachs´, he set off to Greenland in 1733 in order to help there establish a missionary and set up a new Brethren village and later headed off to Switzerland where he would preach and write Brethren songs. He returned back to Greenland twice and took part in building the first church there. Although he had no official education, he had a reputation of a renowned preacher. After he left to exile, he preached in Dutch Halle as well as Baltic countries. He is claimed credit for laying foundations for missionary Diaspora of Moravian Brethren. With the so called “Third Sea Congregation” he went to America where he also helped to build Nazareth and Bethlehem villages in Pennsylvania. He died in the year 1751. There is a memorial plaque hanging on his house in Ženklava.


Lípa Kristiána Davida

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 34.603', E 18° 6.168'