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Memorable trees of Frenštát and Nový Jičín Districts

Small-leaved Lime at Janovice

Basic information

A memorable small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) grows on the village border next door to farms in Janovice. It was called memorable in 1972. Its trunk is approximately 610 cm wide and its height is 32 m. It is a huge double tree with strong roots and a large symmetric crown. Its age is estimated to 300 years.

Janovická lípa

Points of interest

The first record of Janovice village dates back to 1464 when Janovice was part of Starojice domain. The municipal seal from the year 1749 carries the sign of a stalk with five flowers growing from three hills. A wooden mill used to stand on the uphill of the village. It was by far the most visible dominant of the landscape. In its surroundings, you can visit Starý Jičín castle, Svinec Nature Reserve or geologically interesting Picrit-Almond Lavas by Kojetín and Torus Lavas in Straník Natural Monuments.

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GPS position

N 49° 33.540', E 17° 57.043'