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PLA Poodří – memorable arboles

The castle linden in Studénka

Basic information

The memorable Large-leaved Linden (Tilia platyphyllos) grows at the edge of the castle park in Studénka upon the Oder. It is 28 meters high, approximately 150 years old with the trunk circumference 513 cm. The tree was declared memorable in 1996.

Zámecká lípa

Matters of interest

The Studénka Castle was rebuilt from a fort and later a renaissance castle from 1567. In the year 1637, count Wenceslas from Vrbno initiated further changes and enlargements. That building is now called the Old Castle and was rebuilt to a brewery in 1762. The storey baroque building of the New Castle has its origin in 1750 when it was owned by the lords from Berečka. The castle park, covering the area of 3 hectares, was established between 1860 – 1863 and the New Castle underwent reconstruction in this period as well.The park was remarkable from the botanical point of view, mainly for its numerous exotic trees. A brick gateway with an iron gate covered with shingle served as the entrance gate to the castle park and it still reminds of the original character of the castle fortification. In 1936, Studénka parish bought the castle together with the park from the knight Blücher and owns it until today.

Zámek ve Studénce

Zděná brána

Useful information

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GPS position

N 49° 43.573', E 18° 4.430'



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