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PLA Poodří – memorable arboles

The oak in Jeseník

Basic information

The memorable English Oak (Quercus robur) grows in Jeseník upon the Oder parish next to the playground. It is 24 meters high, approximately 300 years old with the trunk circumference 480 cm. The tree was declared memorable in 1994.

Dub v Jeseníku n. Odrou

Matters of interest

Except for the memorable oak, we can also visit the Jesenický Castle, built by Rudolf the Liberal Lord from Witten in the 18th century. The final form of the castle is in late baroque style. A castle park was established around it but is not taken care of these days. Its vegetation used to be rich at rare exotic trees, such as the European Beech, the European Black Pine, the Maidenhair Tree and planes. Jeseník parish is also known for its mineral spring – Jesenická kyselka. A local spring was built in the parish in 2000 with a so-called „place to stop“. The mineral spring is accessible to public during the whole year. You can also get mineral water in the distillery building where another spring can be found.

Jesenická kyselka

Zámek v Jeseníku nad Odrou

Useful information

Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 36.902', E 17° 54.463'



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