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Hornacko Region


Thanks to its traditional culture and the picturesque surrounding, Suchov became a kind of art centre – a meeting place for artists. They usually met in the house of the local teacher, Matus Bena. In 1882 a group of enthusiastic artists created an association called the Suchov Republic. Apart from Bena, the founders included the painters Joza Uprka and Jan Hudecek, the writer Otakar Bystrina, the writer, lawyer, and humorist Frantisek Odrazka, the teacher Alois Fiala, and the national folk songs collector Martin Zeman. The Republicans, as they were often reffered to, organized various events. They wanted to show the people in the region that the rich local cultural heritage is something to be treasured and appreciated, and that it could be used to improve lives and livelihoods. In honour of the first Republicans and their work for the region, a traditional folklore walk (from Suchov to Velka nad Velickou) has been organized annually since 2010.

folklore in the open countryside (landscape)

musicians from Hornacko

march participants of the Suchov republic

GPS position

N 48° 54.717', E 17° 33.724'



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