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Hornacko Region


In the Middle Ages, there used to be a castle on the hill above Suchov. There is a record from 1389 AD that mentions its owner, Benes Hus. The name of the castle, Kansperk, a Czech version of the German word “Gansberg”, was probably derived from the owner’s name; the Czech word “husa” (a goose) translates as “die Gans” into German; “Gansberg” meaning Goose’s Hill.

In 1417, the castle was the property of the father of Jan Jiskra z Brandysa, one of the most famous Hussite protestant military leaders. Some 50 years later, it was recorded as abandoned and in ruins. Today, there is not much of the castle left that one can still see – apart from small fragments of the former walls uncovered thanks to a recent archaeological research.

fragments of Kansperk walls

GPS position

N 48° 54.113', E 17° 33.672'



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