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Hornacko Region


Suchovske mlyny (the Suchov mills) is a name used generally for the string of mills along the Velicka stream between the villages Javornik and the settlement of Vapenky. After WWII, the original mills were rebuilt. However, some parts of the mills, especially the remains of mill- rooms and mill-races, have survived more or less unaltered to the present day and the groups of farm and family houses are mostly owned and used by the descendants of the original miller families – the Petruchas, the Zamecniks, the Ceresnaks, the Hryzlackys etc.

folk architecture in Petruchovy mlýny

Having played a significant part in the history of this area, the mills and the lives of the millers had found their way into some of the local songs. One of the songs tells a story of a young man, a frequent visitor of the mills (a miller’s hand or a customer, perhaps), who fell in love with a miller’s wife. One day, the jealous miller took a sable from the wall, cut the young man’s head off, and threw it in the Velicka stream so that people would to see who had been seducing his wife. When the wife went to get water, she discovered her lover’s head. The song ends with an advice given by the dead young man to other young men: Oh, lads, don’t you love any women! I have loved one and paid with my life.

granary near Zamecnikovy mlyny

GPS position

N 48° 53.047', E 17° 34.711'



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