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Hornacko Region


The Vapenky settlement, part of the village of Nova Lhota, was founded at the end of the 18th century in the vicinity of a quarry supplying limestone to the glassworks in Kvetna some 7km to the north, on the other side of the highest peak of the White Carpathians – Velka Javorina (28km by road these days). The limestone quarry with the lime kiln (vapenka) gave the settlement its name.

Apart from Velka Javorina, the Velicka stream (starting its journey downhill towards the Morava River on the western slope of Velka Javorina) has always played an important part in the lives of the people in the Hornacko region. In the Middle Ages, several centuries before the settlement of Vapenky was founded, a number of mills had sprung up along the Velicka stream, bearing the names of their original owners. In the 19th century more houses were added. Some of the original buildings belonging to the local workers and farmers have survived and become part of our national heritage.

painted house in Vapenky

GPS position

N 48° 52.468', E 17° 37.773'



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