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Hornacko Region


Soil is one of the most important natural resources we have. Thanks to soil, we are able to grow different cereals, potatoes, vegetables, and other crops in our fields. Without soil, we would not have the grass to feed most of the domestic animals, which give us milk and meat. The fruit trees in orchards and vine in our vineyards would not grow without soil. Soil makes sure there are trees in the forests and flowers in the gardens.

plowman with a horse

In the Czech Republic, 42% of agricultural land is threatened by erosion, pollution, and development (building). The situation in other European countries is similar. This is why an association called European Land and Soil Alliance was established. It is a platform of institutions, towns, and villages, which have decided to do something about the unfavourable situation and actively help protect soil.

denuded soil throug water

In 2010, the village of Nova Lhota joined the association, being the first Czech municipality to do so. The village is currently working on projects focusing on practical measures which could slow down and prevent soil erosion in this area. Since other important part of the soil protection activities is awareness raising, some of the programs at the local Education Centre in Nova Lhota are designed to help both the young and the old better understand the significance of soil, the threat it is under, and its impact on our lives.

soil painting

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