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Hornacko Region


The White Carpathians (Bile Karpaty) is a unique area, especially due to its extensive species-rich flowering meadows, which are sometimes being referred to as “orchid” meadows. They are considered to be among the richest in Europe – not only regarding the total number of species, but also the number of occurring plants of each individual species.

Nova Lhota

The species-rich meadows, however, are only a part of a colourful patchwork made up of other grasslands (e.g. pastures), fields, woods, hedgerows, and orchards with an impressive array of old regional varieties of apple, pear, and plum trees. This area is also known for its respect for traditions, which are still pretty much alive here – the various traditional community festivals where folk costumes, songs, and dances play a natural, important, and irreplaceable role can testify to that.

Looking after the local natural and cultural heritage would be very difficult without a strong bond between the local people and their living environment – the land and the landscape. This is something that cannot be taken for granted but should be nurtured right from an early age. The Education Centre in Nova Lhota was established to offer the children, the youth, and also the adults from this area a chance to find out more about the unique place they live in – the White Carpathians.

education centre

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