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Hornacko Region


If you walk to the top of the Hradisko (The Gord) hill, you may be able to find traces of an ancient settlement – on the northern side, the remains of a 1,400m long defence wall are still recognizable. The gord (=fortified settlement) used to cover some 32 ha.

Hradisko hill near Javorník

Archaeological excavations uncovered several artefacts which helped the historians date the settlement to the late Bronze Age, some 1,000 to 800 BC. If you are not a fan of history, the dates will probably not tell you much, so let’s draw some comparisons – it was the time when the pyramids in Egypt and the Solomon Temple in Jerusalem were being built, and the Celts arrived in this part of Europe. So, standing under the towering beeches on the ancient ramparts on the top of the Hradisko hill, we can look back in time and think about the lives of the long gone local inhabitants, the contemporaries of the pharaohs of Egypt.

fort ramparts in Hradisko Hill

GPS position

N 48° 51.364', E 17° 33.709'



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