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Hornacko Region


The village is situated on the confluence of the Velicka and Hruby streams in the Hornacko part of the Moravian Slovakia region.

Its name comes from the Czech word for maple – “javor”, a tree which used to grow in the area in great abundance. The first record of the village Javornik dates back to 1370 AD. However, the archaeological research carried on on the nearby Hradisko hill uncovered traces of much earlier settlements from the late Bronze Age (1,000 to 800 BC) and the Hallstatt culture (here cca 750 to 450 BC).

Although the surrounding hills may not suggest it, in the 16th century there were quite a few vineyards around here. Just like its neighbours, the village has lived through some hard times – from repeated and devastating raids to epidemics of typhoid fever and cholera. Through the centuries, many of the local people have left their homes in the hope of a better life across the ocean in America.

Although some things were lost, some have survived and been preserved – like the picturesque cottages in the Kopanky part of the village and the wooden haylofts which have become an important part of our historical and cultural heritage, and the traditions kept alive by local people.

the wooden hayloft

GPS position

N 48° 51.665', E 17° 32.042'



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