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Hornacko Region


A little west off the village of Velka nad Velickou, there is a small hill with a rather strange name: Lest or Lesthora. Even for Czech people who are not local, the name is a puzzle. To unravel the mystery of the meaning of the word, you would have to be familiar with the local dialect in which Lest means “a hazel”; Lesthora meaning “a hill overgrown with hazel”.

Some time ago, the slopes of Lest served as pastures. Botanists found a lot of interesting plants there, including orchid species Ophrys apifera (the Bee Orchid) and Orchis ustulata (Burnt-tip Orchid). It is also the only site in the White Carpathians where Linum tenuifolium (Narrow-leaved Flax) can be found.

Burnt-tip Orchid (Orchis ustulata)

In the second half of the 20th century, grazing had been abandoned and as a result the hill was beginning to grow over with shrubs again, although sadly not so much with hazel as with the more difficult and fast spreading hawthorn, dog rose, and blackthorn. In the past few years, grazing has been reintroduced and the cattle and sheep are helping to get rid of the unwelcome shrubs, thus helping the botanical treasures to survive. It is important, however, that the grazing is done with care: the number of animals and the frequency of grazing have to be watched, since trampling, intensive grazing, and too much nutrients from the manure can alter the living conditions for the plants – which is something many of the rare plants do not like at all.

If you follow the path to the other side of the hedge, you should be able to see the grazed areas.

GPS position

N 48° 52.104', E 17° 30.612'



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