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Hornacko Region


This charming village is situated on the northern slopes of the main ridge of the White Carpathian Mountains, in the Hornacko ethnographic region of the Moravian Slovakia.

Its name is probably derived from an old settlers’ family name. The first record dates back to 1406 AD. Most of the local people seem to have been potters, embroiderers, and exceptionally good weavers. Other means of living included forestry, agriculture, and viticulture – had you come here in the 17th century, you would have still been able to see quite a number of vineyards around Kuzelov.

On the border with current day Slovakia, there is a place called “U tri kamenu” (The three stones). According to old records, on 21st May 1710, this rather mysterious place witnessed the tragic end of the local highwaymen who were surrounded here by the hussars and most of them shot dead. Their leader, however, died a much more painful death – the exemplary punishment chosen for him was quartering. The three stones used to mark the boundaries of 3 estates – Kuzelov (belonging to the Lichtensteins), Hruba Vrbka (the Magnis family), and Slovakia (as part of former Hungary).

The local Holy Trinity church was built by the Jesuits in 1768 as part of the measures supporting conversion of the subjects to Catholicism during the reign of the Empress Maria Theresa. Another popular Kuzelov landmark, the windmill, has become the symbol of the small village and can be seen on both its sign and its banner.

GPS position

N 48° 51.679', E 17° 29.086'



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