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Hornacko Region


This is the smallest of the villages in the Hornacko region.

Malá Vrba – bird view

Compared to other settlements in this region, the first record of the village (recording its sale), is not that old – dating back to 1447 AD. Although the village had shared the fickle fortunes of a frequently raided village close to the mountain passes with many other villages in this area, people would never abandon it for long; there would always be some of its inhabitants who would stay and help keep the settlement alive. In 1708 Mala Vrbka was given its own seal with the symbol of a willow branch (“vrbka” = willow), which the municipality uses until the present day.

The village used to have its own school, too. The locals began building it in 1888. The building has been reconstructed and serves as a community culture centre. There are still strong ties to the traditions, which form an important part of the local life; Mala Vrbka organizes one of the most popular traditional one-day community events in this region, the Hornacko Haymaking (“Hornacke koseni”) and its place on the national heritage map is secured thanks to Mrs Hana Buchtelova whose life-long work and contribution to preserving traditional weaving techniques and patterns earned her the “Bearer of Tradition” award from the National Institute of Folk Culture.

weaver Hana Buchtelova

GPS position

N 48° 52.160', E 17° 27.559'



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