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Hornacko Region


Hornacko is a region with very well preserved tradition of folk music and songs. Until the 19th century, the main instrument played here were the bagpipes (“gajdy”). Later they were replaced by the fiddle, which was gradually joined by the little double bass, clarinet, viola, and large double bass. In the late 1890s, early 1900s, the trumpet was added.

Having read the names of musical instruments listed so far, you may wonder what happened to the dulcimer, as many traditional folklore music groups in this area present themselves as “dulcimer bands”. The dulcimer was first included in a local traditional music ensemble in the 1930s by Jozka Kubik (from Hruba Vrbka), the leader and principal musician of one of the most popular music groups in the region. Many decades later, there are still a great number of dulcimer, brass, and fiddle based music bands here.

The love of music and tradition runs in families – it is passed on from generation to generation, as you can clearly see for yourselves if you happen to come to one of the traditional local festivals: the Hornacko Festival/”Hornacke slavnosti” (July), Echoes of Hornacko/”Ozveny Hornacka” (August), Hornacko Haymaking/”Hornacke koseni” (July), traditional village feasts, and Shrove festivals (“fasank”).

GPS position

N 48° 52.291', E 17° 28.662'



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