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Hornacko Region


The largest of the villages in the area, and the centre of the Hornacko region, is situated at the foothills of the White Carpathians, on the Velicka stream.

The first record of a medieval settlement here dates back to 1228 AD; the foundation charter of the Velehrad monastery mentions a settlement called Velika, which belonged to the monastery and was granted the right to hold markets.

The 16th century saw significant development of not only churches (and with them also church property) and settlements, but also cultural life and local economy. The trade route passing through Velka contributed to its wealth – the toll-house in the village collected fees from the traders – 1/30 of each imported or exported article had to be paid. The village even had its own spa.

The quiet, prosperous times were followed by some 200 years of turmoil and war. The raiding troops of Hungarians, Turks, and Crimean Tatars were leaving plundered and burnt down villages behind. When one suffering ended, a new one, usually in the form of an epidemic of the plague, cholera, or another disease, arrived. After having survived the epidemics, the people soon had to face yet another military raid. Is it any wonder, that the insecurity, poverty, and fear for life drove many inhabitans of this region far away from their homes?

Despite centuries of troubled history, Velka has retained its importance as the centre of the rich cultural heritage of the Hornacko region. More recently, it has become famous for its traditional folklore festival (Hornacke slavnosti – since 1957).



GPS position

N 48° 52.832', E 17° 31.217'



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