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The World of Mountain Meadows

Ztracené kameny („Lost Stones“)

Ztracené kameny, the lost world of colours. Just look closer, stones are decorated with lichens of various colours and shapes, mysterious organisms arisen from the connection of funghi and algae. They found favourable conditions for their growth right here, a few steps under the forest line. Up to 130 species of this strange organism can be found at Ztracené kameny. Species which only grow in high mountains in the Czech Republic are among the most interesting ones. Grey and black parmelia can be found here. The map lichen forms yellow-green surfaces with black edges, which resemble of a map. Misničkovka covers stones with a rusty coating with black dots of sporocarps.  

GPS position

N 50° 0.970', E 17° 10.495'



Actaea - společnost pro přírodu a krajinu
Mgr.Kateřina Kočí