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Hornacko Region


Like other larger villages of the Hornacko region in Moravian Slovakia, Louka is also situated in the Velicka stream valley.

The first record of the settlement dates back to 1046 AD, making it the oldest record of all the villages in the Hornacko region. Archeological excavations, however, helped date the origins of this settlement much further back – to about 4,500 BC. During the construction of the railway (late 1920s) some skeletal remains were discovered, revealing yet another part of the local history – the presence of old Slavonic tribes (9th century AD). In those days, Louka must have been a toll stop on important trade routes leading along the Velicka stream. Louka was part of the so called Provincia Lucensis, a strip of land which had been at the heart of lengthy disputes between the two strong powers in this region at that time – the Hungarian and Bohemian kingdoms. Although the village was nearly wiped out of the map in the 15th century, some 100 years later, the estate got to flourish again – the estate owners introduced wine growing here, while the crafts boomed, and the local fort was rebuilt and turned into a chateau. However, the periods of prosperity and times of peace were often interrupted by periods of misery, turmoil, epidemics, and war. This was a fate Louka shared with other villages in the area.

The current population of Louka is about 1,000 inhabitants. The traditions are still alive here – the proof of which may be the annual village feast and Shrove festival.

Bell tower

GPS position

N 48° 54.895', E 17° 29.328'



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