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Hornacko Region


This nature monument was designated to protect an oak and hornbeam mixed forest with rich undergrowth, in which a great variety of plants is represented. When you happen to come here in spring, the ground cover may remind you of a meadow, with flowers creating colourful carpets under your feet. At that time the rays of sunshine come easily through the as yet almost bare tree branches, kissing the ground, bringing enough light and warmth to tease out all the light-loving plants. When the tender, bright green new foliage on the tree branches turns into a more substantial green cap, the ground is cast into shade and the spring risers take their leave.

Hollowroot (Corydalis cava)

Windflower(Anemone nemorosa)

One of the most precious flowering plants to be found here in spring is Scilla vindobonensis – Squill; its pale blue flowers usually appear in the course of March. Being very rare in the Czech Republic, it is currently on the list of species requiring strict legal protection.

GPS position

N 48° 54.262', E 17° 27.915'



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