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Naučná stezka Zlatý kůň

Overgrown quarry

Limestones mining in the quarry Na Kobyle stopped in 1929. Sicne then the quarry was left to its natural development. The process of the long-term spontaneous overgrowing and settlement by organisms is called ecological succession. Succession during long centuries makes for an terminal stage called climax. This stage does not change any further. Its form is determined especially by region climate and geological basis. In a territory with a dissected relief such as in the quarry Na Kobyle several types of climax development can be expected. It is hard for woody plants to take up on the hillsides and on the walls which are turned to south and therefore sunny for the majority of the day. Associations of rock steppes develop here therefore. Hillsides which are turned to north are much more wet and overshadowed for the majority of the day, whichon the contrary fits to woody plants. For the shortest time (for only a few years) species of germinal succession stages appear at the changing station. Commencement of the woody plants is during succession quite quick, it happens generally within first two or three decades. On the contrary, the constitution of the wood climax stage can be estimated for a time span of at least several centuries, which is a period necessary for development of a sufficiently deep soil and for a development of population of forest plant species and spineless animals.
During the succession disappear species of germinal stages step by step. The unforest species are in the course of time replaced by forest ones. For keeping the variety of nature it is desirable for the initial, consecutive and final stages to coexist. However, in the countryside of 21st century middle Europe the majority of natural mechanisms important for the successive development is not working (fires, floods, landfalls, big herbivore herds). Traditional ways of maintenance that stop the succession are on the vane as well (mowing, pasture). One of the important tasks for the conservationists who try to maintain the variety of species and biotopes is therefore a never ending struggle with the ecological succession.

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