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Naučná stezka Zlatý kůň

National natural monument Zlatý kůň – Quarry Houbův lom

Unique geological phenomena were discovered through mining in the 20th century, among others the Koněprusy caves, the uncovering of geological profiles and the possibility of fossil collecting. Foundations to these phenomena were given approximately 400 million years ago, in the older paleozoic era, in a geological formation called devonian, when a rock called limestone started to form. Koněprusy territory was in those days on the level of the equator and in the shallow, warm and sunny sea there were ideal conditions for creation of a cliff complex. On the cliff as well as in its surroundings enormously rich life was developed. Fine-grained biogenic limestones were created in the cliff core. Typical for the surroundings of the cliff core are piled-up slopes formed by necrotic parts of animate beings and by pulp from the cliff that is eroded by waves. In this way coarse-grained biodetrical limestones with an amount of fossils were created. Overall, 500 kinds of fossils were described in the territory of Koněprusy, which makes the Koněprusy cliff one of the richest habitats in the early devonian in the world. Pure, white, massive limestones which were created by fossils of the cliff complex are called Koněprusy limestones. Younger, stratified, pinkish Suchomasty limestones which were no longer formed as a coral reef are placed in layers on the Koněprusy limestones. Between the end of sedimentation of the Koněprusy limestones and the beginning of settling of the Suchomasty limestones came to a sedimentation break (so called stratigraphical hiatus), during which was the upper part of the reef cut off through the wave activity. The border of both formations is therefore very sharp and it can be very well seen in the wall of the quarry Houbův lom, where it cuts the revelatory entrance to the Koněprusy caves almost horizontally.
The revelatory entrance is the biggest hole in the quarry wall. This way infiltrated the quarry in 1950 a group of quarry explorers. Thereby began the discoveries of Koněprusy caves, the biggest cave system in the Czech Republic with 2 km corridor length, which is partly accessible to the tourists.

GPS position

N 49° 54.882', E 14° 3.997'



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