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Naučná stezka Zlatý kůň

Limestone mining and revitalisation of deserted quarries

Limestone has been used in the region Český kras since ever, primarily for building purposes. Mining has been going on hundreds of years before some systematic natural scientific research in this region or before first efforts for nature conversation began. The oldest today already abandoned quarries in Český kras used to be created from the Middle Ages. Traces of quarrying became an inseparable part of this countryside. A few bigger quarries were active in the surroundings of Zlatý kůň in the 19th and in the first half of the 20th century (Císařský lom, Houbův lom, Husákův lom). A large quarry Čertovy schody has been opened in the second half of the 20th century. From local limestones are made especially calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) for mortars and mortar mixtures, special limes for agricultural use (slowly soluble granules to be used as a fertilizer), stabilizing materials (for motorway, railway or dike embankments), lime for incinerator filters (removal of harmful dioxins and furans in waste fumes) and lime for paper fabrication. Significant geological phenomena were uncovered through mining. In the quarry should be established – after the mining is finished – a park where the general public will be able to have a look inside the geological mysteries of Zlatý kůň.
Mining in the western part of the large quarry will not expand sideways any more. Together with the countersinking mining a recultivation of the quarry edges is done. After the mining is finished, the mine space becomes an artificially created asylum for endangered steppe and rock species of plants and animals. For this to be done, it is necessary to lessen or minimise covering the quarry with landfill, which was the usual way of quarry revitalization in last decades. Species of woody plants which are planted in Český kras are exclusively those originally growing in this territory. After final adjustments a shallow pond with a few small islands will be created at the quarry bottom.

GPS position

N 49° 54.975', E 14° 3.894'



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