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Naučná stezka Zlatý kůň

Zlatý kůň – the peak

The top of the hill Zlatý kůň offers a nice view into the surrounding landscape. The landscape relief has been created in relation to the geological structure. The nearest surroundings of Zlatý kůň is made of furrowed paleozoic layers of silurian and devonian. The hill peaks are found typically in downward folds (in synclines) and the valleys on the other hand in the uplifted folds (anticlines). This phenomenon is called geological inversion of the landscape relief. In soft shales of ordovician that are easier to wash away were two wide valleys created. On the northern side is the basin Berounská kotlina located, which goes further through Králův Dvůr to Zdice and separates the region of Český kras from the region of Křivoklátsko. On the southern side there is another valley, Svinařský úval, which leads from Řevnice to Hostomice. A brook Litavka used to flow there in the lower quaternary Period. Svinařský úval separates Český kras from the mountain range Hřebeny, which are, as well as Křivoklátsko, predominantly by solid rocks of ordovician, proterozoical sea sediments and vulcanites formed. The top of Zlatý kůň is by stratified, light grey and sporadically pinkish acanthopygical limestones formed (Choteč formation, eifel stage, middle devonian). Acanthopygical limestones are placed in layers on the greyish and here and there reddish Suchomasty limestones (Dalej-Třebotov formation, early devonian).
Water formed the upper layer of Koněprusy caves in both formations of stratified limestones. At the end of 16th century was here a money laundering workroom established, where the silver coins were falsified, so called penízy. The original masked entrance into the mint was to the right from the access path not far from the hill top. According to the myth, the entrance was discovered by a shepherd. The money launderers covered nevertheless the entrance by a stone and the mint was re-discovered only in the 20th century.

GPS position

N 49° 54.976', E 14° 3.980'



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