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The World of Mountain Meadows

Legacy of Glaciers

The last ice age and its traces in the landscape

In the ice age, Jeseníky mountains were a kingdom of snow and ice. The snow layer was thicker in the lee – an ideal place for glacier formation. The weight of ice, growing every year, was pressing on the ground beneath it and, together with frost effects, hollowed out basins and new valleys. The most significant one is called Velká Kotlina („Great Basin“). Frost is powerful enough to break rocks, and on the ridge you can see solitary rocks resisting to frost – mrazové sruby. Stone seas form under them. Frost can also play with stones, it sorts them and assembles them into interesting images. Small stones and gravel are left in place, while big stones are rolled to the edge of the surface. As a result, regular polygonal structures are formed in the ground. There are usually hardly visible in Jeseníky, as they are covered with alpine grasses. However, you can still admire them on the peak called Pecný. By re-arranging stones, you damage unique natural phenomenons created by frost.  

GPS position

N 50° 1.315', E 17° 10.897'



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