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Along the Vlara Railway

Brumov –Centre / Historic places

One chapter in Brumov’s history is the town’s connection to the President Masaryk Railway, which was built with a significant contribution from the local people. They did most of the excavation work by hand. Apart from bringing jobs, the construction of the railway helped industrial development of this rather poor region. It also made transport easier: before the arrival of the railway, people had mostly travelled on foot, on horseback, or hay wagons.

Due to the hilly terrain, part of the railway line between the stops Brumov-Centre (Brumov-stred) and Brumov leads through a 250m-long tunnel.

The reminders of some other chapters in the town’s history are the ruins of the Brumov castle from the 13th century, a hundred years older church of St Wenceslas (Vaclav), the Jewish cemetery, and the exhibits and records in the town museum. Since the 16th century there was also a large brewery in Brumov. It was, in fact, the oldest industry there was in the poor Wallachia region. The beer (called Gerhard, and later Valach) was brewed here until 2001. These days the dilapidated grounds are waiting for new opportunities and ideas.

GPS position

N 49° 5.109', E 18° 1.536'



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