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Along the Vlara Railway

Popov / South Wallachia

After Slavicin, the Vlara Railway winds further north and then north-east, entering the southern part of the Moravian Wallachia (Valassko) region. The names of a lot of the villages and towns here start with the word Valassky (meaning Wallachian) or the prefix “Vla-“.

The history of the region is closely associated with the Wallachian colonization in the 14th – 17th centuries, when shepherds called Valachs came from other parts of the Carpathian Mountain Range, colonizing the less accessible, hilly parts here. Many visitors from the Czech Republic know this region from a popular childern’s book about two little girls: Gabra and Malinka; there is a small exhibition dedicated to these book characters in the local library in Stitna nad Vlari.

Why do we talk about Stitna when the train stop is called Popov? Originally, these two villages used to be separate but in 1960 they were joined together. The railway leads through the part called Popov, hence the name of the stop.

GPS position

N 49° 4.841', E 17° 58.008'



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