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Along the Vlara Railway

Bohuslavice nad Vlari / Vlara’s fate

The section of the Vlara railway from Bohuslavice to the east copies the Vlara River. The canoeists who come here to enjoy this small Carpathian river, often begin their rides in Bohuslavice.

The Vlara starts some 20km north of here (not far from Vizovice) and flows south until it reaches Bohuslavice. Then it turns east and crosses the border with Slovakia and finally joins the Vah River at Nemsova. It seems that the river had changed its mind here and decided to push through the White Carpathians’ mountain ridge (the Vlara Pass) and add its strength to the waters of the Vah river basin, rather than that of the Morava River. Thus, the Vlara is often presented as an example of a phenomenon known as “river piracy”. It is also a good example of the difference between a regulated, straightened river bed (the river section between Bohuslavice and Popov) and a naturally meandering one (near Jestrabi).

In a regulated river bed the water flows much faster, eroding the banks. In agricultural and built-in areas this poses a potential threat, so to prevent the bank scour, it is usually necessary to fortify the river banks. That is why you can see a lot of loose stone embankments (rip-raps) in the section of the Vlara towards the Vlara Pass.

GPS position

N 49° 5.773', E 17° 55.575'



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