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Along the Vlara Railway

Bojkovice / Railway - improvement or threat?

“The steel steed that first chugged through this region in 1888…, brought a bigger and safer hunch of bread… It is not the romance, but the work, noble competition, and optimistic believe in a future more fair and just, which can help us secure happiness and contentment for ourselves and for the following generations.”

These words come from a book on the Bojkovice region written by Alois Jasek. Although it was published in 1949 and the wording is conforming to the communist regime, the content reflects the importance of the railway for the development of this region.

Regional development, however, is not always necessarily viewed with enthusiasm. At the time when the Vlara Railway was built (at the end of the 19th century) the farmers highly valued their land and thought the railway would take it away from them. It was also considered dangerous for children and cattle, as they could be run over. Some villages even entered into legal disputes in an attempt to alter the course of the railway, so that it would avoid their land.

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N 49° 2.168', E 17° 47.751'



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