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Along the Vlara Railway

Zahorovice / Spa memories

There used to be a time when the nearby well-known spa of Luhacovice had had smaller colleagues in this area. In and around the villages of Zahorovice and Nezdenice, there used to be a number of mineral springs. They were usually sulphur springs, some of which smelled very strongly of rotten eggs, so people referred to them as devil’s springs and out of superstition mostly avoided them.

When the estate these villages belonged to passed into the hands of the Sereny family, the owners decided to use its potential and in 1738 they founded a small spa here in Zahorovice. Apart from drinking the waters, the treatments would include baths, poultices, clysters (enemas), and bloodletting. Some hundred years later, the spa was enlarged and reconstructed. The mineral water was even sold abroad as “The Zahorovice stomach and throat water”. In 1870 the spa was closed, since the spring had been gradually drying up, but the second strongest Zahorovice spring is still here. You can find it near the football pitch, close to the path to the Novy Svetlov castle.

Another interesting sight in Zahorovice is the plague cemetery, a reminder of an event from 1831, during the Prussia wars, when one unfortunate soldier started an epidemic (not of the true plague, but of cholera).

GPS position

N 49° 1.282', E 17° 46.680'



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