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The World of Mountain Meadows

A Missing Peak

An unhealed scar on the face of Jeseníky's lan­dscape

Before the construction of a pumped storage plant began in the heart of Jeseníky in 1978, the Divoká Desná valley was one of the most beautiful and pristine spots in these mountains. Today, we can see here a cut-off, engineered and asphalted peak of Dlouhé Stráně with a water reservoir of more than 15 hectares instead of mountain meadows; a wide asphalt road, insensitively located on mountain slopes, going from the valley to the top, surrounded by disrupted mountain forests, and the once unbridled stream of Divoká Desná interrupted by a 56 meter high valley dam. Our sight will be also caught by three not working windmill towers  – so called Mravenečník wind farm.

GPS position

N 50° 3.861', E 17° 14.055'



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