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Po hradech a zříceninách Českého středohoří

Castle Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou

Not far from the village Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou, a castle was built on a hill by a lady from Oseka, most likely before the year 1333. At the start of the Hussite wars Kostomlaty was held by Albrecht Škopek of Dub. He successfully resisted the attacks of the Hussite armies, although the castle was badly damaged. In 1434, at the time of the battle at Lipan, the Hussite leader Jakoubek of Vřesovice laid seige to the castle. The seige was not successful, but all the same in 1435 he is mentioned as occupying Kostomlaty. He also won subsequent battles over the castle with the lady from Dub, and his descendents were known as the Kostomlatys of Vřesovice. The Kostomlatys of Vřesovice owned the castle and estates up to the start of the Thirty Years war, but with the coming of the Renaissance in the 16th century the castle lost its prestige and was gradually abandoned. It was again occupied at the end of the 18th century, when a tavern was established in the forecourt. The entrance path winds up towards the castle on high and leads to the bailey, which was build around the trapezoidal forecastle. To get to the forecastle, one went through a small gated tower, supported on the left side by a cylindrical tower. This was part of the perimeter walls and had a square internal shaft. The castle proper was enclosed by baileys with two square forts. In the southwest corner of the castle wall looms a rounded tower, ending with a narrower top around which is a circular walkway. Two parallel palaces formed the residential part of the castle. The palace near the towers was enlarged and raised in the first half of the 15th century. Remnants of the palaces can be seen in the outer walls, here and there are spaces where there were once windows. Fairly extensive parts of the castle masonry have been preserved to the present day, and this makes the castle very interesting for visitors.

Hrad Kostomlaty

Hradní věž

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