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Po hradech a zříceninách Českého středohoří


The ruins of the gothic castle Ostrý are located about 1.5 km southeast from Milešov. It was built on one of the basalt mountains in the Czech central highlands, most probably about 1433, by Václav Kuplíř of Sulevic, and it stayed in his family until 1505. The castle was still being used in 1536, after that historical records refer to it as being empty. The castle was built on three vertical levels. The forecastle is on the lowest level, and the castle center on the two upper levels. The approach path to the castle runs along the southern flank up to a rocky crest, which was connected with the forward castle walls. On the left side of the path are visible even today some parts of the fortification walls, which were built using large pieces of basalt without mortar. The fortification walls join to a five-sided bastion, in which mortar was used to join the masonry. Because the bastion was built on a steep slope, there is a noticeable rise. The approach path also went through another gateway, of which is preserved only the southern wall. Next to the gateway is a vaulted cellar. The gateway to the small courtyard is still partly preserved. Not much is known about the eastern part of the central keep, in the center of which was a huge stone block. To get to the keep, on the highest part of the peak, one went through a tower gate. On the western side of the castle was a seven-sided bastion, some of which is still visible today. It was separated from the keep by a trench, in which were pillars of stone blocks. These probably served as support pillars for a bridge allowing access to the bastion. Judging by old illustrations, there was another similar bastion on the other side of the castle keep. The castle was, like most castles in the Czech central highlands, strategically built on a bold peak which was difficult to threaten from other nearby hills.

Hrad Ostrý

Vstup na hrad Ostrý

Ostrý – výhled na Milešovku

GPS position

N 50° 31.714', E 13° 57.446'



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