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Bohemian Gate Trail

Devil´s Claw

There is a solitary quarry on the west slope of Hrádek Hill where ore was quarried during construction of a railway line. A group of gneiss boulders can be found on the north slope of the hill towards Libochovany. The largest of these rocky structures are commonly called “Devil´s Claw” or Teufelstein in German. It is quite a tall rock with boulders. It looks as if a big hand with claws was imprinted on it. To get there, you can take the yellow tourist route from Libochovany to Kalvárie and turn left at the entry to the forest taking an unmarked path further on. There are stories going about among people: Once there were two men fighting with one another at a stone. Neither of them could win. All of the sudden a devil appeared at them teasing one or the other against the other one. However, the devil came to grief. Both men turned against him. As he was running away, his claws left an imprint in a stone and remained visible to this date. Others tell otherwise: There was a devil which was about to build a bridge over the Labe River near Libochovany. He had to be ready before the cock crowed. The devil would keep on carrying stones from Hrádek and carry on building. One of the stones was so heavy it was impossible to move. The devil tried all his best to push it, though in vain. The stone would not move a bit. An imprint of his black claws was left to be seen on that spot. Libochovany hollow is surrounded by basalt hills Deblík, Trabice, Plešivec or Kamýk. Sandstones with numerous fossils occur around Virgin Marry´s Visit Chapel on the north. Here and there, sandstones turn to pudding stones which come from the sediment of a former sea shore. Most of the fossils depict pelecypod shells. The way to Virgin Marry´s Visit Chapel and Strážniště (also called Mravenčí vrch) is described in another stop. It is not too safe to climb up the rocks. However it can offer quite a nice view of the surrounding landscape.

Čertův dráp

Čertův dráp z vrcholu

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N 50° 33.397', E 14° 2.955'



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