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The World of Mountain Meadows

Ancient Traces of Former Rulers

Mysterious Skřítek's peat moor by an ancient land route

Many powerful springs from beneath Ztracené skály and Zelené kameny fills up the flat Skřítek saddle with water. The wet and cold are an ideal home for peat moss and a number of rare plants and animals. Peat moss grows bigger, until it creates a large fluffy pillow full of water which we call peat moor. At the bottom of the pillow, it decomposes into peat which was exploited by Jeseníky's mou­ntaineers many years ago. Today, remains of peat meadows hide in the full-grown spruce forest, resembling of the tundra far in the Scandinavian North. The way between Rýmařov and Šumperk used to be challenging. 150 years ago, the Klein brothers, owners of a construction company and ironworks in Sobotín, built here the Na Skřítku Inn.

GPS position

N 49° 59.961', E 17° 9.324'



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