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Beautiful Meadows


For a long time oak and lime trees were planted here by local farmers to mark boundaries of their plots. Although the trees provided some firewood, too, they became more important in hot haymaking seasons, when people working in the meadows would seek them to enjoy short breaks in the shade. They have remained one of the unique features of the Certoryje landscape. You have probably noticed that some branches on quite a few of the trees here are dry and that some trees are already dead. What has happened here?

The main cause of the dead and dying trees is tracheomycosis, a fungal disease (mycosis) which affects the veins (tracheas) of trees, mainly oaks.

• The spores (the “seeds”) of the fungi are spread by birds, insects, but also by wind.

• When the spores get caught on the tree branches, they grow into fine filaments, which then penetrate deep into the tree phloem and the veins transporting nutrients.

• Once the fungi get into the veins, they continue to grow, slowing down the circulation of the nutrients.

• When the path supplying the nutrients is completely blocked, the affected branches die.

• The trees can be further weakened by a parasitic plant called Mulberry Mistletoe (Loranthus Europeus) and they eventually die.

Even dead wood, however, ** can increase the diversity of life** here, since the dead trees host many rare species of beetles and other invertebrates.

Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus – female

Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus – male

GPS position

N 48° 51.048', E 17° 25.521'



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