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Around Novy Svetlov


Echos of WWII

There are quite a few places in this region, Sanov among them, which remind us of the Second World War.

One of the memorable events, known as the air battle over the White Carpathians, refers to the military activities of a single day – the 29th August 1944, during which several US aircraft were shot down over the mountain ridge. Having taken off from the military bases in Italy, the Americans were heading for the Ostrava region (some 100km further north) where the Nazis had been stocking fuel and military equipment, supplies for the Eastern Front. One of the air squadrons was a little delayed, loosing the protection of their own fighter planes as a result. This made them easy prey for the German fighters – they managed to shoot down 10 US bombers: 9 B-17G and 1 B-24 Liberator.

The young Americans who gave their lives for the freedom of the people of this country deserve to be remembered. To pay your respects or to simply stop and think about the times past, you can visit some of the war memorials scatted in this area or the plaques at the cemeteries in Slavicin and Rudice.

the Aerial Heart

South of Sanov, you can find “the Aerial Heart” – a stone memorial located at the crash site of the B-17G „Big time“ bomber. There was only one survivor; the others either died in the crash or were later killed by the Germans.

The museum in Slavicin has a whole section devoted to the air battle and since 2004 there is a small display also in the Sanov village.

GPS position

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