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The World of Mountain Meadows

The Truth about Witches

Petrovy kameny („Peter's Stones“), a mysterious jewel of the Jeseníky mountains

The rocks of Petrovy kameny played a crucial role in witchcraft trials which took place in nearby Velké Losiny at the end of 17th century.

After the end of ice ages, plants and animals, which can normally be found far in the Scandinavian North, took a refugee here from the climate in other parts of Jeseníky which was too hot for them. Some species cannot be found anywhere else in the world, these are called endemic. They include the small Campanula gelida and the low rock grass Poa riphaea.

Two beetle species regularly occur here – the small Aphodius limbollarius and Simplocaria metallica, very precious glacial relics – remnants of the ice age, which were not found anywhere else in Moravia.

GPS position

N 50° 3.984', E 17° 14.112'



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