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Around Novy Svetlov

Hradska niva

Journeys abroad

"Gelders, gelders, do go abroad, if you stay home, we will be short. – So, our gelders usually travelled, working their way through half of Europe and returning home for the winter with rubles and guldens”.

That’s how it was with the cattle, pig, and horse gelders from this area. They used to set off along the old Hradska road, going north to the Baltic Sea, Russia, Poland, and other countries. Although the craft finally disappeared after the WWII, the gelders had been an old, traditional guild. These days, the castration of animals is officially performed by veterinary surgeons.

If you follow the road in direction of Rudimov, on your right side, there is a small chapel-shrine which remembers the many times the local gelders were saying goodbye to their families. It used to be surrounded by old trees called “the snotty oaks”, since the goodbyes were usually accompanied by a lot of weeping and nose-blowing.

Today, this place, which once held such an important place in the hearts of many people of this region, is crowded between a shooting range and a manure pit – but that too, is part of history.

Some objects related to the gelder craft are on display at the Gelders’ Museum in the village of Komna, about 7km south of here.

GPS position

N 49° 2.983', E 17° 48.785'



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