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Around Novy Svetlov

Museum of the Bojkovice Region

Encouraging patriotism

“Our ancestors for us, we for our descendents, nobody just for him/herself”. The museum of the Bojkovice Region was founded by local patriots, members of the local Museum Society, in 1931. Its first curator was the teacher Alois Jasek.

During its history, the museum has moved several times; the last time from the castle Novy Svetlov to the centre of the town below. The museum houses several thematic displays presenting different aspects of the region’s history, including e.g. judicial systems and arts and crafts. There are some exhibits the visitors can actually put their hands on – you can try to operate the bellows once used by local blacksmiths, work a hand operated honey drum extractor etc.

The museum’s activities organized by the patrons and the Alois Jasek Museum Society are a good example of the true, positive meaning of the word “patriotism”; they document the interest of the people who live and work here in the Bojkovice region in their common heritage and also their willingness to pass it on to future generations. The texts in the displays are in Czech, but some printed materials in English and German are being prepared.

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