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Technické památky jižních Čech

Waterworks in Něchov

Něchov is a village between the town of Trhové Sviny and Ločenice. The biggest monument, which can be seen far from the distance, is the tower-like water reservoir structure from 1927. This water reservoir served for supplying four neighbouring villages with water. The waterworks is a part of the water mains created between 1924 and 1928 to supply water to the villages of Něchov, Nesměň, Besednice and Todně. It is a traditional example of the municipal water-supply engineering in the First Republic period (from 1918 to 1939). From the architectural and technical viewpoint, this simple and good quality water mains and water reservoirs were up to standard of that time. The water mains used the springs from the Besednická Mountain and supplied the water reservoirs in Něchov and Nesměň in a gravitational way. These water reservoirs were interconnected and used for water distribution in the relevant villages.

GPS position

N 48° 49.902', E 14° 34.267'