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Technické památky jižních Čech

Horsecar Railway – Arched Bridge in Holkov

The construction of the horsecar railway which was designed and initially controlled by František Antonín Gerstner was started in 1825 and completed in 1830. On 30 September 1828, the regular traffic was initiated in its northern section, while the regular haulage did not start till 1 August 1832. The passenger train went through the 128 km long railway in 12 hours, while the transport of the goods took three days. The nearest horsecar railway station was in Holkov. At the Holkov crossroads, the railway turned to the Holkov farmyard and twice intersected the former royal (imperial) road in a big arch. Then the railway returned to its original direction. We can now see the remnants of the former embankment only. There is an arched bridge in the middle of one of these remnants, not far away from the international road E 55.

GPS position

N 48° 50.330', E 14° 27.317'