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Nové Hrady

Nove Hrady – Introduction

As part of the project „People and their Landscape“, we would like to introduce you to the historic town of Nove Hrady, a “town monument zone”. The town is located on the Czech-Austrian border. Historically, it was a border town guarding an entry path into the Kingdom of Bohemia. The oldest written references to the town are from 1279.

The town centred on the Old Castle, and its history was strongly connected with the castle and its owners. During its centuries-long development, the town has known a turbulent history with light and dark times. In recent history, life in the town was strongly restricted by the Border Protection Act of 1951. Being so close to the Austrian border, Nove Hrady was located inside what used to be the Iron Curtain border zone. Inside that zone, strict rules applied for inhabitants and controls were much more severe. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, a new era began for the city. Visitors and tourists returned, interested in the historic heritage of the town.

In 2007, the Novohradska Civil Society published „Tales of the houses of Nove Hrady” (in Czech and German), a book by Vladimir Hokr on the history of individual houses in the centre of Nove Hrady. Because most visitors are not aware of this book, the Rozmberk Society decided to use this new way of distributing information about it directly to your mobile phone. Beetagg shields on 15 individual houses of special interest alert you that a short history of that house can be accessed through your mobile phone. Together, they give a good impression of the history and monuments of Nove Hrady.

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