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Lišov – “Věčné místo“ (Eternal Place)

The Lišov monument was erected in 1890 at the place of one of 7 basic points for altimeter survey carried out in the former Austria-Hungary by the Military Institute of Geography in Vienna between 1872 and 1896. It can be thus regarded as “a father of all altitudes” in the Czech territory, as the other altitudes were derived from this point. The landmark is situated in the wood to the right of the road No. 34 (E49, E551) from České Budějovice to Lišov, in the area of a former quarry on the gneissic rock. According to this system (so-called Adriatic altitude system), the exact altitude here is 565,1483 m ASL (according to the sea level in Terst). Geomorphologically, it is located on the Lišov riffle above the Rudolfov fault dividing the Českobudějovická Basin and the Třeboňská Basin. From the tectonic stability viewpoint, the monument is not located at the very stable place but this is something which could not be anticipated by the Austrian land surveyors at that time. The sign is covered by a pyramid with a Latin inscription and used to be wrongly considered as the centre of Europe. The point is also referred to as “Eternal Place” (Locus perennis) and is protected as an important monument by the protected territory of the geodetic point.

GPS position

N 49° 0.449', E 14° 35.102'