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Soběnov Artificial Lake

The Soběnov Artificial Lake (also known as the Na Černé Artificial Lake) is a water reservoir built on the Černá River near the village of Soběnov, north-east of the town of Kaplice. It was completed in 1925 and is considered the oldest dam in the South Bohemian region. Its primary purpose is to retain water for the hydraulic power plant and the flood protection. During the floods in 2002, its dam burst, but it was repaired in 2005 and since then it has served the original purpose again. The gate for the rafts on the right side of the dam was built-up to enable timber rafting. Left side of the dam includes the outlet, by-pass channel from the lead and the water intake structure for the inlet tunnel to the hydraulic power plant. Water supplying the power plant first flows through the 557 m long tunnel, diameter 1.35 m, with the stony air shafts. The tunnel is connected to the 544 m long concrete channel (diameter 2 m) which empties into the balancing chamber above the power plant. Thanks to an advantageous terrain configuration of the Černá River in the given stretch (the river has an extremely high gradient here), the rise between the water levels in the power plant is 59.34 m. The hydraulic power plant holds two Francis turbines. The reservoir offers appropriate conditions for the sport and recreational fishing and is registered as a trout fishing area.

GPS position

N 48° 44.583', E 14° 33.115'