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Střecha Českého krasu

Castle courtyard Všeradice

Village Všeradice is 11 km to the south from Beroun under peaks of Brdy at the altitude of 342 m. 430 inhabitants live in here. The first written mention comes from 1324. History of the village is very rich and interesting. The most outstanding thing in here is Castle or Všeradice courtyard, where is the building of former castle, former hovels, granary, stables, cowsheds and storehouses. In 2010 was in the building of the granary opened the Gallery and museum of M.D. Rettigová. There is a plan to gradually revive Castle courtyard, so that could provide wide range of turistic services. Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová (1785–1845), born Artmannová is the most significant native of Všeradice. Daughter of manorial officer got famous as an author of cookbooks. In 1826 she released Home cookbook (Domácí kuchařka aneb jednání o masitých a postních pokrmech pro dcerky české a moravské). This practical handbook for women contains instructions and recipes for leading the kitchen and complex advices for manner of woman as wife, mother and patriot. But M.D. Rettigová also wrote tales, memoirs and plays. She taught burgher girls leading household. She married to a court officer and had three children. She lived in Pilsen, Prague, Ústí nad Orlicí, Rychnov nad Kněžnou and died in Litomyšl.
In 1816 was born other significant native of Všeradice, Aaron M. Pollak. As the first Czech he produced phosphorous safety matches in a factory in Vienna. Supposedly as first invented a box for safety matches with ‘firestarting stripe on the side‘ and coloured tops of safety matches. In 1869 he got a predicate from the emperor Franz Joseph I ‘Knight von Rudin‘.
Všeradice is unjustly left out piece of Český kras. Local residents are trying to attrack some visitors to the village and because of that are inventing various activities. Let their effort be succesful!

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