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Goat´s Hill Nature Monument

The nature monument covers the terrain hump with the rocky outcrop at the northern edge of the village of Vlkov. The gneissic hill in the vicinity of railway line has been protected since the early 20th century for its abundant occurrence of spring anemone (Pulsatilla vernalis) with the typical accompanying vegetation of shallow soils poor in nutrients. Nearly two thirds of the small hillock, a former pasture with poor heathland communities, are covered with the open-canopy stand of tree species with the predominance by the pedunculate oak and the mixture of Scotch pine with the scattered silver birch. The herb layer is predominated by the sheep's fescue (Festuca ovina) and the wavy hair-grass (Avenella flexuosa), with the islands of common heathern (Calluna vulgaris) and a few plants of spring anemone (Pulsatilla vernalis). The sandy edges serve as a habitat for the shepherd cress (Teesdalia nudicaulis), Veronica campestris Schmalh, sticky catchfly (Lychnis viscaria) and the very rare Aphanes australis. Given its small area, we cannot talk about the specific fauna of the territory. The area of the nature monument is not used for economic purposes. Nature preserve authorities´ interventions are subject to the aim of maintaining appropriate conditions for the existence of the spring anemone (Pulsatilla vernalis) and are focused on removal of the voluntary tree species and higher vegetation.

GPS position

N 49° 9.000', E 14° 43.000'