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New River Marshes Nature Reserve near the Stříbřecký Bridge

The Novořecké močály nature reserve is located in a narrow strip alongside the Nová řeka (New River). The subject of protection is wetland ecosystems located throughout the large complex of marshes (236 ha). Also some rare water plants (Nymphaea candida) and a few species of carnivorous plants grow here. The nature reserve is accessible via the tourist route marked with a red sign alongside the Nová River from Stráž nad Nežárkou to Chlum u Třeboně. The tourists can get to this route if they use the tourist routes from Třeboň marked by a red tourist sign (approx. 10 km), yellow sign (approximately 8 km) or a green sign (approx. 1 km) from the parking lot of the “U Soukupů” site (approximately 8 km from Třeboň by the road leading to Suchdol nad Lužnicí).

GPS position

N 49° 2.000', E 14° 51.000'