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Široké Blato Nature Reserve

This forest peatbog is located 3 km east of Františkov. One of the most valuable sites of the relict bog pine wood with the Labrador tea in the undergrowth in the Třeboň region is a final stage of natural peatbog development at the low elevation above sea level. The reserve represents a significant genetic potential of the bog pine (Pinus uncinata subsp. uliginosa) in the natural state with the ability of spontaneous development. The reserve representatives´ goal is to achieve a gradual transition to the natural composition of the stands in the peripheral modified portions of the wood, while the central portions are left to the natural development. The peatbog was partially drained and used as a fuel source in the past. The system of drainage ditches is largely lost today and the worked-out areas are left without any intervention. The largest area is occupied by a compact bog pine wood in the central part, which is of the primaeval forest nature here and there.

GPS position

N 48° 54.000', E 14° 58.000'